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Hamac de Sol

Hammock with bar L “Tipitapa 2”

Hammock with bar L “Tipitapa 2”

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Nicaraguan bar hammock 100% cotton
This bar hammock from the 2023 collection is the macramé version of our “Tipitapa” model. The macramé variation is an elegant and sophisticated alternative, with weaving details that evoke the ancient art of macramé. For lovers of design and craftsmanship.

The “Tipitapa 2” bar hammock in macramé: An artisanal work of art

The hammock, this piece of furniture for relaxation and comfort, is a true symbol of life in Latin America. It is omnipresent in gardens, on terraces, beaches and public parks. The bar hammock is the most common variation of the classic hammock, with its wooden structure and canvas suspended from bars to create a flat and comfortable surface. In our bar hammock collection, we offer 2 macramé hammocks, including this one and our model in navy blue .

The Art of Macramé: An ancient and elegant tradition

Basically, macramé is a weaving technique that involves knotting cotton, linen or hemp threads to create intricate patterns and elegant fringes. This technique appeared thousands of years ago in Central Asia and was introduced to Latin America by the Spanish in the 16th century. Local artisans then developed their own style of macrame weaving, using traditional patterns and techniques specific to each region.

The elegance of macrame weaving

Hand-woven by Nicaraguan artisans, the tight weave of the “Tipitapa 2” L-Bar Hammock is complex. Few craftsmen are capable of carrying out this type of weaving. The result is a graceful and ultra stylish hammock.

A symbol of culture and history

Our “Tipitapa 2” L-bar hammock is also a symbol of the culture and history of Nicaragua, where local artisans have developed their own style of weaving over the centuries. Each of our macramé hammocks is unique.

An informed choice for comfort and culture

By choosing this macrame bar hammock, you are not only adding high-quality relaxation furniture to your space, but you are also supporting local Nicaraguan culture and crafts. Discover our “Tipitapa” bar hammock in its classic version.

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